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Gamera: Rebirth – Watch the trailer for the new anime show

The fire-breathing, turtle-styled Kaiju is returning in a new animated show which will be heading to Netflix.

From the Showa era to the Heisei era, the production of the new work – Gamera: Rebirth – of the giant monster Gamera that has been loved by monster fans all over the world has been decided!

The new teaser below shows it will be six episodes and Gamera will be fighting five different Kaiju.

Gamera has appeared in various films since 1965, the first being Daikaijū Gamera (Gamera the Giant Monster) – you can watch that over on Arrow Player. It was created by film studio Daiei to compete with Toho’s Godzilla series. The 12th and most recent film in the franchise was Chiisaki Yūsha-tachi (Gamera the Brave) in 2006.

The show is still in production and, as yet, there is no release date.

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