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WoolfWomen: Now of Never is heading to Eco-Driven streaming platform Newyonder

2Dare2 Productions has announced that WoolfWomen_Now or Never is available to screen and stream in the UK, US, CAN, AUS & NZ on for a limited period from July 31st. The documentary also continues to play in cinemas throughout August.

WoolfWomen_Now or Never is a film documentary about a group of five Gen Z female thrillseekers who embark on a crazy skateboard expedition to Sumela – an ancient monastery perched high in the Pontic Mountains.

The spotlight is on Jenny who is struggling with her mental health after the unexpected loss of her father, her job and home. To keep it together, she dreams of a skateboard adventure with her friends at a timely moment when her path collides with the film’s producer Marchella De Angelis.

Fascinated by their authenticity and dare-devil sport and wholly convinced that their Gen Z spirit and guileless chutzpah was relatable enough to be made into a film documentary, Marchella galvanises the fab five into filming their next feat.

With a plan in place, Jenny’s mission is to light a candle for her father once they reach the monastery.

However, just before setting off on their pilgrimage, fate deals Jenny another cruel blow.

WoolfWomen Now or Never is a tale of friendship, courage and adventure and is a Gen Z story of wheels on fire, rolling down hills and why freedom is everything.

You can read our review here.

WoolfWomen_Now or Never will be available on Newyonder. Newyonder allows you to stream award-winning, feature-length Originals, series and films about our home planet and beyond, at any time, and help restore the planet with 5% of streaming sales going towards regenerative and sustainable impact projects.

“Our film shares a mutual interest with Newyonder’s platform, not only because of our ultra-low carbon footprint in making the film, but also because of all the sustainable values portrayed. Our mission throughout the film was to be at one with nature, to slow travel when it was impossible to skate, to highlight the environment and matters about waste and to only practice sustainable eating. That may have left us hungrier on some days than others, but we gained through the spirit of knowing we were blessed to be wild and free in mother nature’s arms.

We believe Jon Cleave’s vision is futuristic in many ways, taking into account the terrible news in the last 8 weeks about the extreme weather changes around the world. Not only has South Korea, Japan, China and India experienced climate changes never seen before, but Europe is stifling with record soaring temperatures. Siberia’s forests are burning wild, and the US has surpassed all heatwaves previously recorded. What does one need to do to wake up?” said film’s producer Marchella De Angelis as she discussed why she chose Newyonder above any of the usual streaming platforms.

Jon Cleave, Founder & CEO of Newyonder, says “We set up Newyonder to showcase stories just like this one; an adventure story that’s as heartwarming as it is exhilarating. A film about getting out there and exploring the world on your own terms, of the power of community, friendships, of passion, perseverance and the way we can all make a difference in the steps we take to look after the future of our planet.”

WoolfWomen_Now or Never will be streaming on Newyonder from 31st July.

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