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Vertical picks up the new romantic comedy Match Me If You Can

Vertical has acquired North American, UK and Ireland rights to director Marian Yeager’s film Match Me If You Can. With the screenplay written by Betsy Morris, the film is a contemporary romantic comedy that follows a computer nerd who goes viral declaring war on an online dating service that dubbed her “unmatchable.” The film stars Georgina Reilly, Wilson Bethel, Brian George, Billy Armstrong, Veronica Wylie, Jennifer Griffin, Kanwar Singh, and more.

The film is slated for a day-and-date release on August 11, 2023.

Match Me If You Can centers on two good people trying to find love in the digital age. Female computer nerd Kip Parsons (Georgina Reilly) declares war on iPromise, an online dating service that rejected her as “unmatchable.” Taking her case to social media, she goes viral and becomes the reluctant champion for all those frustrated singles out there. When iPromise mastermind Riley Detamore’s (Wilson Bethel) company is at risk because her blog has gone viral, he maps out a plan to find out why. A chance encounter with Kip creates an awkward chain of mishaps resulting in an unexpected but undeniable spark between the two of them.

Vertical’s SVP of Acquisitions Tony Piantedosi commented, “Georgina and Wilson deliver fantastic performances that take you on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows capturing the thrills and frustration of the modern dating landscape. Guided by Marian Yeager’s direction, Match Me If You Can explores the power of an unexpected connection that blossoms between two strangers, igniting a spark of hope and possibility.”

MY Productions producers, Monica Lund and Marian Yeager remarked, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Vertical to share the story of an uncompromising female protagonist who, like many of us, grapples with the age-old question of being alone and the angst of overcoming the feeling of being unlovable, while trying to remain true to oneself. We hope the film entertains, of course, but in a way that ultimately ends with a person leaving the theatre feeling just a bit better than they did when they walked in, and perhaps that they’ve been seen and ultimately feel less alone.”

The film is produced by Monica Lund and Marian Yeager. Paul Merryman, Stacey Parks and Suzanne Weinert executive produced. Angela Herr is the film’s cinematographer, and the film’s composer is Brian Satterwhite.

Piantedosi negotiated the deal on behalf of Vertical; Moving Picture Institute’s Stacey Parks negotiated on behalf of the production.

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