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ARROW brings us a rediscovered German classic, a gripping neo-noir, nordic thrills, Peter Sellers and Reece Shearsmith selects

Key highlights this August on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW includes a superb seventies freewheeling crime drama, a powerful money markets thriller, epic Chinese action, Paul Joyce documentaries delving into the worlds of Peter Sellers and European cinema, The Video Archives Podcast host and filmmaker Roger Avary Selects, and much more…

In August, they will be bringing us RED SUN, an outstanding pop fantasy focused on the post-’68 and women’s liberation movements. Compared to a comic strip by German director Wim Wenders, it is a beautiful art-genre collision that is both brilliantly bizarre and provocative. Director Rudolf Thome was an emerging talent in the New German Cinema alongside Wenders, Fassbinder and Herzog, but received little international distribution and fell into obscurity despite a consistent career covering six decades. Now’s your chance to reappraise Thome and this hidden gem on ARROW.

Also showing in August, a gripping neo-noir mystery HUMAN CAPITAL, where a web of greed, lust and lies threatens to bring about the financial and moral bankruptcy of two Italian families. Set against the backdrop of the mounting global financial crisis, writer-director Paolo Virzì adapts Stephen Amidon’s 2004 novel Human Capital, switching the book’s affluent Connecticut enclaves for the more moody surrounds of northern Italy, tracing the financial and emotional entanglement of two families. Taut, timely and engrossing, it puts pay to Gordon Gekko’s mantra that ‘greed it good’.

And this August, REECE SHEARSMITH SELECTS, as the award-winning actor, writer, comedian (The League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, Inside No.9) chooses his favourite ARROW film releases, and his eclectic and exquisite choices include Argento’s Deep Red, Romero’s The Crazies, and Yuzna’s body horror classic Society.

As if that wasn’t enough, August also sees ROGER AVARY SELECTS, with the Academy Award-winning filmmaker (Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe), from THE VIDEO ARCHIVES PODCAST, choosing some unmissable picks from the ARROW catalogue.

Seasons in August include Revengeamatics, a collection where the wronged get to make things right, where the wicked are punished and where our hero will go through hell to make sure that comeuppance is violently meted out no matter the cost, with titles including The Exterminator, Oldboy, The Villainess; Access All Areas: The Documentaries of Paul Joyce; and Renegade Cops, a ridealong with a curated collection of hotshot coppers who shoot first, ask questions later, with titles including Security, Cop Game, Heart of Dragon.

ALSO SHOWING: Access All Areas: The Documentaries of Paul Joyce; alongside an in-depth look at Peter Sellers, plus an insightful documentary on European Cinema, World War Two drama The Unknown Soldier, award-winning Danish thriller The Idealist, and much more…


New Titles – From August 4

  • Sellers’ Best – 1992
  • Pictures of Europe – 1990

From August 11

  • Red Sun – 1971

From August 18 

  • The Last Supper – 1995
  • The Unknown Soldier – 2017

From August 25

  • Human Capital – 2019
  • The Idealist – 2015

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