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6 Wheels From Hell – Teens try to escape from The Mother Trucker in the trailer for the new indie thriller

Four teens encounter a Psychotic Truck driver and have to escape The Mother Trucker’s clutches along with the Torture Chamber in the back of his Murder Bus. Will Detective Ford and Cooper get there in time to save them or will it be too late?

6 WHEELS FROM HELL is director Evan Allen’s feature debut. It stars Mark Anthony Baca, Evan Keys, Malachi Durant and Brenna Marie.

Naraya Filmed on location in Nelson Ghost Town, 45 minutes south of Las Vegas. 6 WHEELS FROM HELL had its world premiere in Las Vegas, Nevada in front of a packed theater. 6 WHEELS FROM HELL took home Best Actor at the Film Basement Awards Film Festival in Hollywood California, along with Best Jump Scare. It also won Semi Finalist for best first time Director at the Vancouver Movie Awards.

The film hits VOD on 21sy July 2023.

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