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Crocodylus: Mating Season – Watch the trailer for the new Gator-Man Monster Movie

The sequel to the Florida creature feature Crocodylus, directed by Myles Erfurth, has got a trailer.

Bored private investigator, Harry Bates, is hired by the mysterious and alluring, Allie Glades to search for her brother after she has been brushed off by the local police. She believes that her brother is linked to the local legend of a gator-man monster known as the Crocodylus. When people start to die from gator attacks, Harry and Allie go on a wild adventure in search of the truth during the most dangerous time of the year in Florida: mating season.

Directed by Stanley Pomianowski, the film stars Chuck Fusca, Rachel Comeau, Andy Gion, Jim Serrano & Johnny Alonso.

Tickets are available over at the official site.

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