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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Watch Ashley Benson in the UK trailer for Alone at Night

Vicky (Ashley Benson) is a young woman looking for an escape after going through a harrowing break-up. After retreating to a friend’s remote cabin in the woods to clear her head, she continues modeling sexy lingerie for her devoted followers on 18 & Over, an adults-only, live-streaming website. But when the power keeps going out, Vicky discovers something terrifying awaiting her in the dark — a masked killer wielding a crowbar who’s hellbent on bringing her night to a grisly end.

Directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos, the film stars Ashley Benson, Jon Foster, Jake Weary, Duke Nicholson, John Robinson, Winnie Harlow, G-Eazy, A$AP Nast, Luis Guzman, with Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson.

Signature Entertainment presents Alone at Night on Digital Platforms 28th August.

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