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Cool Short: Stormtroopers – Episode 2: Siege

Check out the latest installment in the Stormtrooper fan film series. You can watch the first part here.

In the film, an Imperial Base Station is besieged by battleship attack & haunting PTSD within its ranks.

It stars Carolyn Bracken (You Are Not My Mother; Dublin Murders, Balor Hall, The Gone); Pius McGrath (Foundation, The Gates); Peter Cosgrave (Pilgrimage) & Klancy Casey Williams.

It is directed by Micheál Fitzgerald (Home & Away; Game of Thrones; Dublin Murders).

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Stormtroopers filmed in epic locations including hiking 792m above sea level to film in a dormant volcano in Waterford to diving 30m deep to film underwater in Tipperary while the 32m Large Antenna Array in the National Space Center in Cork doubled as the anchor location for the Imperial Base Station.

Stormtroopers is released online after a tour of event screenings including

– Mitchelstown Cave Premiere 200ft underground in the chilled prehistoric caverns in March
– Exclusive Dublin Comic Con Premiere in The Convention Centre Dublin also in March
– National Space Centre Homecoming Premiere in April
– May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Festival in Portmagee where it won a number of awards including Best Actress & Best VFX.

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  1. This was awesome!

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