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Suicide Squad ISEKAI – Harley Quinn, The Joker and more feature in the teaser for the new anime

WIT Studio (Ranking of Kings, SPY x FAMILY) and Warner Bros. Japan officially announced Suicide Squad ISEKAI, an anime series featuring the iconic DC Comics antihero team. The announcement was made at the Anime Expo 2023 on Monday.

“After our big success on Batman Ninja, we decided to take on this series,” said Warner Bros. Japan’s Hiroyuki Omori, who is an executive producer on Suicide Squad ISEKAI, “this is not a dream. This is a made-in-Japan, totally original story set in an Isekai world.”

Isekai is a subgenre of fantasy in which a character is suddenly transported from their world into a new or unfamiliar one.

The series will be directed by Eri Osada, with screenplays from Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World) and Eiji Umehara (Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song).

They are joined by Akira Amano, who illustrated the visual and is working on draft character designs, Naoto Hosoda on main character designs, and Kenichiro Suehiro on music composition.

Warner Bros. Japan will be managing the project’s production, with WIT Studio on animation production.

Akira Amano (PSYCHO-PASS) said, “I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn and the other characters in the Suicide Squad movie! It’s an honor for me to be involved in the creation of Suicide Squad ISEKAI. Eri Osada’s clear vision for Harley’s design made the process smoother than expected, and I enjoyed drawing her costume and muscles while imagining her action-packed adventures in the story. I’m excited to see how the talented animation staff brings Suicide Squad ISEKAI to life!”

Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:ZERO − Starting Life in Another World) added, “It is finally announced, Suicide Squad ISEKAI. ISEKAI! Suicide Squad! Who has ever thought about mixing these two!? But this is sure to be a dream project. Crazy villains go on a rampage in ISEKAI! It’s nothing more, nothing less, and it can’t be anything else!

Eiji Umehara (Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song) has this to say about the project. “What would happen if the fascinating characters of DC Comics went to another world? I am honored to be involved in a work with such a boyish and straightforward idea. I drew a variety of villains with one goal in mind; to make Harley look cute! I hope you will join me in enjoying and enlivening this World.”

Shinya Tsuruoka (Warner Bros. Japan) said, “Japanese anime has attracted widespread popularity among global audience in these days and “ISEKAI fantasy” now is one of the most popular genres. What if DC characters such as Harley Quinn and The Joker rampages in ISEKAI? This is truly an outrageous anime project we deliver for a global audience from Japan. I am thrilled to work with WIT STUDIO for this dream project which only Warner Bros. Japan could produce. Please look forward to the original story and DC characters’ blast in ISEKAI.”

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