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Casey Affleck finds a second chance at fame in the Dreamin’ Wild trailer

Dreamin’ Wild, the true story of love and redemption, is about what happened to singer/songwriter Donnie Emerson and his family when the album he and his brother recorded as teens was rediscovered after thirty years of obscurity and was suddenly hailed by music critics as a lost masterpiece. While the album’s rediscovery brings hopes of second chances, it also brings long-buried emotions as Donnie, his wife Nancy, brother Joe, and father Don Sr. come to terms with the past and their newly found fame.

The soundtrack for Dream’WIld will be available via Light in the Attic on Digital (August 4th) and vinyl (late 2023), along with a re-release of the original 1979 Dreamin’ Wild album and the collection Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81.

Roadside Attractions will release DREAMIN’ WILD exclusively in US cinemas on 4th August 2023.

Written and directed by Bill Pohlad, the film stars Casey Affleck, Zooey Deschanel, Noah Jupe, Jack Dylan Grazer, Beau Bridges, Walton Goggins, and Chris Messina.

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