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Sam Peckinpah’s Cross of Iron is getting a new 4k release

STUDIOCANAL has announced the return of 1970s war-action classic Cross of Iron by Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch) in a stunning new 4K restoration coming to UHD Steelbook, Blu-Ray & DVD and with new bonus material, on 31st July as part of STUDIOCANAL’s iconic Vintage Classics brand.

Based on the 1956 novel by Willi Heinrich, Sam Peckinpah’s only war film is an intense and uncompromising affair that brilliantly reflects both the futility of conflict and the director’s fascination with individuals confronted by events beyond their control.

A World War II tale told from the German perspective, CROSS OF IRON follows a platoon of German soldiers in Russia when the German Wehrmacht forces had been decimated and the Germans were retreating along the Russian front. Rolf Steiner (James Coburn) is a German corporal and recipient of the Iron Cross who has grown disenchanted with Hitler’s war machine. When Captain Stransky (Maximilian Schell) assumes charge, the pair are thrown into immediate conflict, the autocratic but ultimately cowardly Stransky coveting the loyalty and honour Steiner commands.

Boasting a first-rate cast including acting stalwarts James Coburn (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN), James Mason (THE LONDON NOBODY KNOWS) and David Warner (PERFECT FRIDAY), alongside international stars Maximilian Schell (A BRIDGE TOO FAR) as the standout Battalion Commander and Senta Berger (THE GLORY GUYS), this important anti-war film is a visually captivating and authentic portrayal of the horrors of war, exploring class conflict on the Eastern Front during one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of mankind.

Described by Orson Welles as one of the greatest anti-war films ever made, CROSS OF IRON has influenced much popular culture to this day.

Pre-order your copy of this masterpiece on Steelbook, Blu-Ray or DVD now.

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4K UHD Steelbook, Blu-Ray & DVD Extras

  • Audio Commentary by filmmaker and film historian Mike Siegel
  • NEW Promoting STEINER (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • NEW STEINER on the set (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • NEW Filming STEINER (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • NEW Filming STEINER pt 2 (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • NEW STEINER in colour (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • On Location: Sam Peckinpah (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • On Location: James Coburn (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • On Location: Maximilian Schell (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • On Location: James Mason (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • On Location: David Warner (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Passion and Poetry: Sam Peckinpah’s War (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Kruger Kisses Kern (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Vadim & Sam: Father & Son (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Cutting Room Floor (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Steiner in Japan: Ads filmed in 1977 (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • Mike’s Home Movies: Steiner & Kiesel Meet Again (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • US/UK Trailer (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • German Trailer (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)
  • US TV Spot (Steelbook & Blu-Ray only)

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