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Confidential Informant – Watch Mel Gibson, Dominic Purcell, Nick Stahl and Kate Bosworth in the trailer for the new thriller

Mel Gibson as “Kevin Hickey” in the action film, CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT Lionsgate release. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.

This gritty crime thriller starring Mel Gibson tells the tale of two narcotics agents hunting for a cop killer during a crack epidemic. Hoping for leads, Moran (Dominic Purcell, “Prison Break”) and Thorton (Nick Stahl, Sin City) pay off a junkie informant. To provide for his wife (Kate Bosworth, Superman Returns) and son, Moran involves the stool pigeon in a deadly scheme. This causes the partners to come under the scrutiny of a suspicious internal affairs agent, leading to an explosive finale…

Directed by Michael Oblowitz, the film stars Dominic Purcell, Mel Gibson, Nick Stahl, and Kate Bosworth.

On Demand and Digital June 27, 2023. In Select US cinemas June 30, 2023.

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