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The Future – Watch the trailer for Noam Kaplan’s film examining female identity and motherhood

At 42, Dr. Bloch (Reymonde Amsellem), a profiler, wants a child. A future. Her only way is to find a surrogate mother. At the same time, her groundbreaking algorithm designed to identify individuals planning to carry out terror attacks fails and a young Palestinian woman (Samar Qupty) assassinates the Israeli minister of Space and Tourism. In order to ‘fix the bugs’ in her algorithm, Nurit faces the assassin in person. The sessions between these two brilliant women raise questions about their past, while the sessions between Bloch and the potential surrogate (Dar Zuzovsky) challenge Bloch’s decision about her future.

Written and directed by Noam Kaplan, the film stars Dar Zuzovsky, Samar Qupty, and Reymonde Amsellem.

The Future is playing a this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

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