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Book Review: Amy the G.O.A.T. – “A truly delightful read. Packed full of charm, wit and emotion.”

Written by Louiseee with three e’s. Illustrated by Rob Page.

Amy the G.O.A.T Greatest of All Time tells the tale of a 10-year-old girl called Amy Bloomsy. Her Mum is always busy doing various activities. Her brother pretends she doesn’t exist and it is only her Mum’s new boyfriend, Colin, who has any time for her.

Add in the fact Amy goes to St. Andrews School of Controlled Excellent & Unoriginality, whose motto is “Close Your Mind And Do As You’re Told”, means that Amy does not have the happiest of times.

She does well at school but struggles with her identity.

Always pushing the boundaries and questioning what it is to be “normal,” Amy has to put up with school bullies, bossy teachers, and all the other crap that comes with growing up.

Then, one day she meets a goat called Õogley who introduces Amy to the Goat Kingdom. A place where goats do whatever they want to – read books about Structural Mass Spectrometry, learn French, wear dresses, play games and just do other goat-type stuff.

Deciding that being a goat or whatever you truly want to is preferable to her stressful, boring life, Amy truly finds herself and inspires those around her to live a life that makes them happy.

Amy the G.O.A.T Greatest of All Time is a truly delightful read. The main character of Amy resonates strongly and people of all ages will relate to her in some way. The supporting cast of characters are a mixed bag of wonderful weirdoes. Many of them are constantly trying to appear “normal” and blend in while missing out on what makes them happy and truly unique.

The fact it is Õogley the Goat and the Goat Kingdom that is the spark of change for Amy is a lovely, and smelly, way for her to find who she truly is.

I do love how the goats speak French in this. In a strange way, it makes the fact they can talk not quite as odd as you would expect. It also means Amy has to learn how to communicate with her newfound friends.

The book is aimed at middle and upper-primary students, but it is a great read for anyone. Reading this to your kids or nephews and nieces would be a lot of fun, with everyone bleating like goats at various points in the narrative.

It is packed full of charm, wit and emotion.

When Amy is getting bullied, it took me back to events when I was a child. The frustration of adults not listening to you. The feeling of finding that friend who just got you and who didn’t judge you. The moment you realise that you don’t have to change yourself to fit in and that you can just be yourself. All that and more is in the tale that Louiseee with three eee’s has gifted us.

It deals with huge life-changing subjects but does so in a light-hearted manner that would make it easy for children to appreciate and understand.

The wonderful illustrations by Rob Page, bring the characters to life. I would have liked a few more of the events illustrated, but that is just me being greedy for more.

I highly recommend Amy The G.O.A.T. It is a book I could see Roald Dahl enjoying and that I hope one day becomes a live-action or animated film.

I look forward to seeing what Louiseee with three eee’s brings us next.

Now, take a deep breath and join me in saying, “Mehhhhhhhhhhh!”

Louiseee with three e’s is proud to support the UK’s ONLY registered Goat Charity, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. An incredible charity whose sole purpose is to dedicate their time rescuing abandoned, abused and neglected goats.

5% from every sale of AMY THE G.O.A.T – Greatest of all Time will be donated to this fine charity and one that sits close to the author’s heart. For more information on Buttercups, please visit their website:

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