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Woolf Women – The epic story of a group of Downhill Skateboarders gets a trailer and UK release date

2 Dare 2 has confirmed that their upcoming film documentary, Woolf Woman, the epic story of a group of female Downhill Skateboarders, will be coming to UK Cinemas from 8th June with exclusive Q+As.

Woolf Women is a self-filmed diary about a group of five downhill boarders who take to the open road and skate wherever they find opportunity. Their destination is Sumela – an ancient monastery perched high in the Pontic Mountains, where no skateboarder has ventured before.

The fearless young thrill seekers call themselves the Woolf Women and in their shared vision and passion for the sport, they epitomise the essence of an all-female skating community.

Led by Mama Woolf – Jenny Jungle, a daredevil downhill skater with a world ranking of number two, she is joined by fellow professionals Anna Pixner from Austria; Lisa Peters from the Netherlands; Jasmijn Hanegraef from Belgium and Alejandra Salamandra from Colombia.

Downhill skating involves racing down steep roads on a longboard at speeds of up to 100 kmph, whilst negotiating oncoming traffic. When the film’s producer Marchella De Angelis’ path collided with Jenny and her clan, she was fascinated with them. Convinced that their Gen Z spirit and guileless chutzpah was relatable enough to be made into a feature film documentary, she galvanised the fab five into filming their next feat.

And so an expedition to Sumela was hatched. The film follows the girls’ challenges as they navigate their way across Europe, foraging food, overcoming setbacks and patching-up their van with duct tape along the way. Once they reach the monastery, Jenny’s mission is to light a candle for her father. His unexpected death led to mental health issues which caused the loss of her job and home, forcing her to move into her van. However, shortly before departure, Jenny was dealt another major blow whilst competing in the Barcelona Roller Games of 2019.

The film not only highlights their friendship and crazy antics along the way but shares Jenny triumphs, as she struggles to overcome her traumatic injuries and finds the will to skate again with her friends, once they reach the treacherous winding roads of Sumela.

With limited funds, no content or sponsorship deals behind them, this is a Gen Z story of wheels on fire, rolling down roads and why freedom is everything.

The Covid outbreak of 2020 saw an unprecedented growth of skateboard sales, thanks in part to women and girls finding their way to the sport. The global women’s skate scene has since flourished with communities springing-up all over the world, extending into China, Asia and Africa.

Skateboarding is now a recognised discipline in the Olympics, with downhill boarding looking to become included soon.

Woolf Women will be in UK Cinemas from 8th June. Book tickets for the exclusive Q+A screenings here.

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