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You’re going to need a bigger boat as the Cocaine Shark trailer is unleashed

With the release of Cocaine Bear it was inevitable that we would get other films featuring a combination of drugs and animals in the title. Wild Eye Releasing are throwing their hat into the ring with Cocaine Shark.

Check out this synopsis:

A mafia drug lord has unleashed a new, highly addictive stimulant on the streets called HT25, derived from sharks held captive in a secret lab, and which causes monstrous side effects. After an explosion and leak at the lab, an army of mutated, bloodthirsty sharks and other creatures are set loose on the world.

If you like your monster movies low-budget and cheesy as hell then this is for you. To be honest, a late-night viewing with some buddies and beers will probably be a fun night.

Mark Polonia directs the film which stars Samantha Coolidge, Ryan Dalton, Natalie Himmelberger, Titus Himmelberger, Jeff Kirkendall, Noyes J. Lawton, Kyle Rappaport, and Ken Van Sant.

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