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The Fastest Woman On Earth – Watch the trailer for the Jessi Combs documentary

Filmed over more than seven years beginning in 2013, HBO’s documentary The Fastest Woman On Earth chronicles the extraordinary life of professional racer & TV personality Jessi Combs. Approached by a predominately male team of aviation enthusiasts to be the driver of a custom car built from a repurposed fighter jet, Jessi’s dream of breaking land speed records is suddenly within reach – but at what cost? As her body & relationships suffer, Jessi continues to strive for the “fastest woman” title, confronting each obstacle with unparalleled courage & audacity. Seamlessly blending inspiration and heartbreak with joy and tragedy, this feature documentary throws viewers directly into the cockpit for Jessi’s exceptional endeavor – and the price that she ultimately paid for success.

The Fastest Woman On Earth is co-directed by Chris Otwell & Graham Suorsa.

The documentary hits HBO Max on 24th October 2022.

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