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Tips for the Perfect Found Footage Horror Movie Night

Whether you’re a dedicated horror fan or in the mood for something spooky, you can’t go wrong with found footage. This “genre” of films is premised on the conceit that the film you’re about to see was real footage, shot by someone long gone, which had been lost and is now rediscovered for your viewing terror.

Everything you’re seeing is “real”—even if you keep reminding yourself, “it’s only a movie,” you’re likely to get more scared than even in slashers or possession films. The lingering unease is what makes these films perfect for a movie night.

There’s more to appreciating found footage than just picking the right film—though picking the right film is of the utmost importance. The setting, the ambiance, and food all matter when planning the perfect movie night. Here’s everything you need.

The Setup

A perfect scary movie night is all in the setup. What’s the lighting arrangement? How cold is the room? Is there proper ventilation? These questions and more will haunt your guests long after they’ve left if you don’t set it up right.

One thing you need to consider is power, especially what you’re going to do if yours gets cut. Solar generators are the best backup source of power on the market, and if you put in the time looking for the best solar generator for you, you never have to worry about the killer cutting the power and leaving you all in the dark.

The Snacks

Next to the actual choice of movie, snacks are everything. Popcorn, it should be said, is overrated. It’s unhealthy, can cut up the roof of your mouth, and leaves your hands greasy.

The perfect movie snacks are veggies and pizza. Indulge in the heavy stuff, and then feel good about yourself with the veggies.

The Movies

Research has shown that scary movies are good for you—they can cultivate empathy and mitigate stress. In that case, found footage is perfect because it’s the scariest of all. Here are three underrated choices of found footage film to screen.

Noroi: The Curse

Directed by Japanese master Kōji Shiraishi and released in 2005, Noroi is without question the scariest film you’ve never heard of—terrifying enough that it has built up a cult following. The convoluted plot includes child psychics, dead dogs, haunted pop idols, and lecherous shamans, and it’s all shot in a shaky, disorienting, deliberately incoherent style.

Hell House LLC

A group of twentysomethings buys a derelict house rumored to be haunted in a creepy town where a mass casualty event recently occurred. What could go wrong? As it turns out in this ripper of a flick, just about everything.

My House Walk-Through

This is the perfect pre-film warmup short. A deeply cursed, mind-bending 12-minute short that you can find on YouTube is just a man shooting POV-style walking loops around what seem like endless, increasingly creepy hallways in his house.

Beware: Watch If You Dare!

Sure scary movies have health benefits, but watch if you dare! Nightmares won’t ruin your health, but nobody wants them. Plan accordingly and focus on fun.


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