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Night Burns Like Cigarettes – Watch the trailer for the new documentary

Steppenwolves Films Production has shared the poster and trailer for its new feature documentary Night Burns Like Cigarettes ahead of its world premiere at Raindance Film Festival on the 30th October. The film has also received nominations for both Best UK Feature and Best Cinematography at the festival.

Narrated by Lily Cole (Snow White and the Huntsman) and featuring performances from musical sensation Kwaye, Night Burns Like Cigarettes questions the way we consume the night as if it were nothing but cigarettes. As we have taken the habit of over-consuming, so have we taken the habit of over-lighting our cities.

Written, Produced and Directed by the award-winning Elisabeth Felson (Small Kingdom), who created an incredible filmmaking team for Night Burns Like Cigarettes by reuniting with Editor Francesco Cibati (Ravens, Finding Saint Francis) and bringing on board the Golden Frog-winning Máté Herbai as Director of Photography.

Night Burns Like Cigarettes is a testimony of love for the night, threatened by disappearance. Our love for darkness makes us human and allows us to question the boundaries of the self. Our fear of darkness and of the unknown haunts our socio-political history – an old story! Hence, the night is being arrested in a mural by Banksy that sits in the Barbican tunnel. It is for British-Zimbabwean singer Kwaye to reclaim our right to darkness via an enchanting dance performance. Night Burns Like Cigarettes is a nocturnal ballad in a dreamt London, better appreciated with open eyes.

Why are we so afraid of the dark that we need to brighten the world around us?

Ahead of the world premiere the film’s director, Elisabeth Felson commented “I am thrilled that Night Burns Like Cigarettes is nominated Best UK Film and Best Cinematography at the 30th Raindance Film Festival 2022. Raindance has been paramount in discovering new talent on the British Film Landscape. This isn’t only my first feature, it is also the first film score of British singer Kwaye. Francesco Cibati is a young upcoming film editor who trained at the NFTS and is a new talent as well. I feel the film was produced in a climate of great friendship and “can do” attitude. Being reunited at Raindance Film Festival is wonderful and we are grateful for the support of the festival.”

Night Burns Like Cigarettes will premiere at Raindance Film Festival on 30th October.

You can book tickets here.

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