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6 Best Movies Set In Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas would be nice, sure, but the time, money, and energy it requires mean that hopping on a plane to Sin City isn’t always an option. Thankfully, there are a bunch of other ways to experience the city that never sleeps, right from your own home. You can get dressed up and play the Rat Pack’s biggest hits or try your hand at the online machines by making the most of an introductory free spins deal. And then there’s the matter of those classic Las Vegas movies. Indeed, do all of those things in one night, and it’ll be almost as if you’re there.

But what movie should you watch? In this blog, we’ll run through some of the best movies set among the bright lights of America’s most fun city.


It doesn’t get more Las Vegas-y than Casino, Martin Scorsese’s classic 1995 movie. Set in the 1970s, it follows all the trials, tribulations, and all-out chaos that can accompany running a casino at a time when the city was more like the Wild West than the sleek and cosmopolitan city we know today. It offers beauty, surprises, and all-out entertainment, in one highly stylish package.

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas isn’t only unlike any other Las Vegas movie you’ve seen. It’s unlike any movie you’ve seen, period. It’s one of Johnny Depp’s most iconic roles, one that it feels he was born to play. The movie is based, of course, on Hunter S. Thompson’s classic novel about a Las Vegas adventure that doesn’t quite run as smoothly as it could. There are plenty of movies that glamourize the style and sleekness of Las Vegas, but this isn’t one of them. Indeed, quite the opposite. However, it’s undeniably real and very much a movie that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

The Hangover

And now for something completely different. The Hangover couldn’t be further away from Fear and Loathing in terms of style, content, and view of the city, but it rightly deserves a place on this list. Las Vegas is undoubtedly a fun city, yet oddly, the history of comedy movies that take place in the city was not all that impressive — actually, pretty poor — until The Hangover came along. Is it the smartest movie in the world? No. Were the sequels any good? Absolutely not. Is the original one of the best comedies in movie history? For sure, it is.

Ocean’s 11

Depending on your preferences, you’ll have the option of watching either the original 1960 version of Ocean’s 11 or you can watch the remake from 2001. Both are pretty special in their own way. The original showcases a Vegas that no longer exists and also brings together some of the most famous faces from the era, the Rat Pack. The 2001 stars actors who are still internationally acclaimed and famous, including Brad Pitt and George Clooney. It’s the same story in both movies, and there’s really no way to pick between the two. They’re both great!

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley was not a great actor, but there were times when he outdid himself and delivered a note-perfect performance. Viva Las Vegas is one of them. It was a massive hit with audiences, too, and it still holds up today. The storyline isn’t all that complicated, but if you’re looking for a sweet and simple Las Vegas movie from the past, then this is it.

Rat Race

Rat Race has been largely forgotten by audiences, but it shouldn’t have been — it’s a super fun movie featuring John Cleese and a few classic comedians from the early 2000s. The Premise? A race from Las Vegas to New Mexico. A simple concept, sure, but it more than delivers, especially for those who like their movies to have some zany, madcap humor, the kind that only John Cleese can deliver.



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