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Your 6-Item Checklist to Start Filming

Making a film of your own can be incredibly fun and rewarding. However, even if you are making a film just for fun, you still need a few things before production to make it a great movie or show worth watching.

If you’re interested in creating a show or movie and want to do it well, read on to learn the 6 things you need before filming.

1. Filming Locations

Where you choose to film, although difficult, is highly important. Where you decide to shoot greatly impacts what people think and how they feel while watching the story being told.

Your location needs to make sense for the events of your story, and you need to be accurate to the location of the source material if there is any. Depending on the story, you also want the site to be appealing to the eye.

Though your filming location must look like it should, it does not necessarily need to be filmed in the actual location where your story is set. For example, maybe you want to record a scene that is supposed to take place in the American deserts, but you live in Australia. There are many Australian film locations that will work well for your film.

Doing this allows you to make a scene about a specific place without having to travel to that location.

2. Lights

Now that you have your location, you next need to get your recording equipment. Getting high-quality equipment can be a bit expensive. However, it will most definitely be worth the investment. One of these important pieces of equipment is your lighting.

Lights are one of the keys to getting the shots you want. If a scene is too dim, you can use the lights to get the brightness adjusted correctly. Viewers do not want to be squinting just to be able to see what is going on—having light to help you will make your viewers more engaged and your film more successful.

3. Cameras

Cameras are the most important piece of equipment. Without them, you would never be able to record, and you would never be able to have your movie or film. And while smartphones are only getting better every year, traditional cameras are still the way to go.

However, not all filming cameras are created equal. Do your research to learn what features you need (and which you can do without). From there, you can determine which cameras strike the balance of fitting the budget while providing what you’re looking for. This will give you the best results for your production.

4. Microphones 

Having good microphones that can record the audio of your actors well is crucial. You want your audience to be able to hear what is being talked about. Without good microphones, this becomes incredibly difficult and will make people not want to watch your movie or show.

5. Editing Equipment

Some say that a film is truly made in the editing process. But without the right software and tools, your editing will fail. From CGI to adding music to the background of a scene, editing handles a lot of taking a film from good to great. Having good editing equipment can help bring life into your film.

6. A Cast

Without actors, you don’t have a film. Good actors give your characters life and draw people to your film.

To cast well, get to know the characters in the story well. Be open to various interpretations, but understand that certain requirements must be met to tell the story you want to share.

Lights, Camera, Action! 

Don’t let day one of filming creep up on you without these six things ready to go. With the right equipment, location, and cast, you can guarantee a great experience filming.


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