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5 Films with an Unexpected Twist you might have missed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemics, recent years haven’t been rich in new releases, and cinephiles lacked the opportunity to watch the novelties on a big screen. On the other hand, we have already enjoyed the release of such masterpieces as Indiana Jones and John Weak: Chapter 4, among many other anticipated pictures. However, there are some less popular films that you probably didn’t even notice, but they are really worth your attention.

Money Plane by Andrew Lawrence, 2020

Do you like action films about robberies? Then this picture is a good idea for you. Fans of live casino and thrilling adventures will definitely like this 100-minute film. An experienced thief, who is experiencing financial difficulties and mired in debt, is forced to go on a dangerous adventure to save his family. The main character must rob a gaming establishment on board the plane, where the world’s most dangerous criminals have gathered. Will the hero succeed in his task or die? Check Money Plane on Netflix and enjoy the fantastic storyline!

The Card Counter by Paul Schrader, 2021

Experienced poker players know that the most important thing is to keep a cool mind and calculate all the risks in advance. The main hero has mastered these skills to perfection and is ready to start a new life. Leaving everything in the past, the hero steps towards fame, success and big money, forgetting that secrets cannot be kept forever. However, fate has completely different plans, and he gets the opportunity for retribution, and money ceases to be his main goal. Check out this fascinating picture – the intrigue will keep you breathless until the last minute.

Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder, 2021

This film is a perfect solution for those who like thrillers and horrors since it combines both genres perfectly. It shows viewers an imaginary world where humanity faces a zombie virus, and most people have already transformed into awful creatures. A small group of people left in Las Vegas decide to rob a casino, which is a really difficult task due to a zombie army defending the establishment. Do you want to know how this story ends? The action-packed film will definitely give you almost two hours of adrenaline and vivid emotions.

Uncut Gems by Joshua Safdie and Ben Safdie, 2019

This incredible thriller with Adam Sandler tells viewers a story about the owner of a small jewellery shop. He was a successful businessman, but one bet changed everything. Now, he needs to find ways to pay off his debt while creditors are already chasing him and blackmailing him for money. It may seem like a typical thriller, but it’s not. Watch to the end and ensure that this film is worth your attention. The film is in Forbes top rating, and no wonder critics assure that this is the best role in Sandler’s career.

The House by Andrew Jay Kohen, 2017

This film is different from the others in our selection because it is a comedy. Want to have some fun? The main characters, a married couple, decide to open an underground gaming hall and use the profits to pay for their daughter’s education. Their establishment became quite popular in the neighbourhood, but, of course, they got into trouble with the police and local authorities. Their incredible adventure will allow you to take your mind off the problems – you won’t be able to stop laughing while watching!


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