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Milestone Generations – Watch the trailer for the new comic book documentary

“Where are the Black superheroes?” That question, posed back in 1993, led to a revolution: the creation of Milestone Media.

In 1993, Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, and Michael Davis had an idea: a Black-owned comic book company, in partnership with DC, that would introduce the world to a new universe of the most diverse heroes the world had ever seen.

That idea changed everything. Characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and Blood Syndicate allowed fans to see themselves represented in comics like never before, in stories that were incisive, pulse-pounding, and ahead of their time. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there.

Milestone Generations is the electrifying story of Milestone Media, of the challenges they faced in changing the face of superhero storytelling, and of the rebirth of the company – now with entertainment legend Reggie Hudlin helping to steer the ship – just when the world needs the Milestone heroes more than ever.

I love the Milestone comic book. They featured brilliant characters, amazing artwork and some superb stories. I highly recommend you check out the original run if you can – The Milestone Compendium One collects Blood Syndicate #1-12; Hardware #1-12; Icon #1-10; Static #1-8; Xombi #0-11; Shadow Cabinet #0. I have got most of the original issues, but have ordered this for myself as an early Birthday present.

We’ve seen animated versions of Static and there is a live-action version of Static Shock in the works, but DC has this incredible shared Universe that would make for some brilliant movies with out as much of the convoluted history as the characters they have been using so far.

Milestone Generations is coming and I cannot wait to watch it.

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