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Top 10 Movies to Watch for Tech Geeks

Technology is evolving, and it’s becoming more and more fascinating. That said, the population of tech geeks has grown along with it. Of course, the entertainment industry also continues to keep up with the latest advancement in their latest films and movies. The imagination about technology that’s excellently portrayed in movies is incredibly fascinating; even people who aren’t into technology will have fun watching them.

If you are a tech geek, there are several tech movies that you must watch immediately. This list contains incredible technology-themed movies that feature the capabilities of the human mind in technology in an alternate universe… or probably in the future. Catch these films on major streaming service platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Planet Dish, HBO Max, and more. Let’s begin!

Minority Report

Using the precognitive powers of three prophetic humans, a police officer named John Anderton, working for the PreCrime Division in 2054, sees crimes before they are committed. At first, stopping crime may seem like a straightforward answer, but the movie makes you wonder whether it’s really ethical. Is there any chance that this happens in real life too?

Ex Machina

This sci-fi psychological suspense thriller depicts how cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), can benefit the human race. Programmers are invited by their CEOs to visit an intelligent humanoid robot. The story will revolve around the programmer of the said robot. It demonstrates the difficulties that programmers face in the software industry and the negative consequences this technology may have on society if it is misused.


Wall-E has so much to teach to both kids and adults. It’s well worth the time and effort to see it at least once. A robot duo left on Earth to clean up the messes humans have made and try to persuade humanity to return from their new space colony and save Earth for themselves.

The Social Network

The film was released in 2010 and received generally positive reviews. This movie is about a real-life person named Mark Zuckerberg, aka the founder of Facebook.  While developing Facebook, Mark had to deal with many difficulties shown in this film. Any programmer will enjoy this film because it demonstrates a definite commitment to accomplishing one’s goals. Watch this movie if you want to be motivated or inspired.

Iron Man

Every kid’s and adult’s favorite superhero is Tony Stark, the multibillionaire inventor of all the cutting-edge technology. Of course, he’s also the perfect superhero for all tech geeks out there. Iron Man has all the technology required to transform the world and support the underdogs—exactly what geeks dream of.


If we were able to convince someone of something by penetrating their dreams, what would that mean? In order to persuade Robert Fischer to sell his father’s company, Saito contacts Dominick ‘Dom’ Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio). By invading Fischer’s dreams, Dom and his group can plant the vital information in Fischer’s brain. However, it’s not that easy. Complications arose when they started having problems knowing if they were in a dream or not. Fortunately, they have a special totem to help them. But what happens if that totem doesn’t stop spinning?

See You Yesterday

Two teenagers created a time machine to save C. J.’s sibling. While their cause was to save a life, they learned the hard way that altering the course of history can have catastrophic effects.

The Matrix

The Matrix is the perfect movie for you if you are an IT professional or a tech geek! This movie explores the possibility that our reality is a computer simulation created by AI Masters who harvest our energy for their own use. A human hacker discovers the truth, starting the war between robots and humans.


Her is a romantic comedy/tech drama where a man develops sexual affection for his female-voiced AI computer assistant. He became disappointed once he learned that she had dated others. This film brings real emotions to an artificial environment.

I, Robot

I, Robot, starring Will Smith, is a vision of the near future in which artificial intelligence (AI) robots assist humans in many ways—with unfortunate outcomes. No matter how near we come to the film’s representation of reality, this sci-fi thriller is simply lighthearted entertainment!


With the popularity of streaming services, major streaming platforms made sure to have something for everyone. So, don’t miss out on these exciting tech-themed films. Better yet, enjoy it with your tech geek friends!



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