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6 Iconic Casino Films That You Should Know About

One of the most popular genres of films out there is the casino genre. They are popular as they have largely become their own genre and incorporate some famous genres. This article will explore a few different examples across multiple genres, ranging from dramas, comedies, action, and historic. Continue reading to get started.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

One of the first casino films that we are going to talk about is Ocean’s Eleven. This action-packed film follows a group trying to rob a casino. Led by a stellar cast of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts, you will be able to watch a heist film focused on Las Vegas.

Not only does this film follow a group stealing from a casino, but you will also get to watch some poker scenes and high-stake gambling at the same time. This major blockbuster film dominated the cinema world when it arrived and has now become a classic casino film.

The Hangover (2009)

You won’t find much better casino offerings for a more comedic effect than The Hangover. Not only is this a film about gambling and casinos, it also explores the world of Las Vegas, showing you a side that you perhaps aren’t too familiar with. In essence, it shows you the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas.

This film was so popular that it ended up becoming a trilogy. The film follows a few men at a bachelor party in Las Vegas, where they wake up in Caesar’s Palace with no memory of the night before. The groom ends up being missing, and they have to trace back their steps to try and find where he ended up.

Casino Royale (2006)

No list delving into casino films would be complete without talking about Casino Royale. In fact, you could probably pick any James Bond film throughout history and include it somewhere in this list. That’s because most James Bond films will have an element of gambling and casinos involved in some way.

Casino Royale makes it to this list purely due to the fact it was the comeback James Bond film that had a major focus on the casino, with the pivotal scenes of this film having Bond face off against Le Chiffre over a Texas hold ’em tournament. The tension between rounds is portrayed in a way that often puts this film at the top of people’s lists when considering casino films.

It’s one of those modern casino films that prompted people to look into how actually to play poker and casino games in general. Other casino films may have an element of the rules and games, but it’s never too clear. This is why many people turn to Online Casinos, as you can use this site to compare different online casinos and find one that offers sign-up bonuses that work for you. You can find out more information via

Once you’ve learned how to play poker, especially Texas hold ’em, you should then rewatch the film and see how differently you react to it. You may find that you’re tenser during some pivotal scenes that you now have more of an understanding about.

Atlantic City (1980)

If you’re looking to watch a more classic, old-fashioned gambling movie, then Atlantic City will be more what you’re looking for. With two powerful actors in Susan Sarandon and Burt Lancaster, you will get the chance to learn all about Atlantic City, and how it was transformed into the gambling metropolis, it is now.

The films takes place when it was illegal to gamble on America’s east coast and how it quickly became one of the top gambling cities in the country. The film follows normal folk in the city, trying to find their way. They act as the eyes for us in this world so that we can see how the city revolutionises itself and changes beyond recognition.

Not only is this a dramatic film about gambling, but it is also an important film for the history of gambling in America. Atlantic City was rich in history before this, and it will continue to play a major part going forward too. This makes it a fun watch for gambling enthusiasts and American history buffs.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

If a film released in the 1980s isn’t classic enough for you, then you should consider checking out The Cincinnati Kid, released back in 1965. While Atlantic City focused on gambling within a specific region, the Cincinnati Kid follows the story of a single gambler.

As we touched upon earlier, the gambling community is competitive, with high stakes against high rewards. This film is highly rated as one of the top gambling films of all time, with plenty of favourable reviews.

The film really shines from the various poker scenes. This film is iconic in the poker community, as it really shows more about the game, and the importance of the gambler themselves. In particular, it shows how the world of gambling and poker used to be back in the day. This was before the days of major tournaments and online casinos.

If you enjoy older films in general, then this will be a fun film to watch, as it really is vintage cinema. You get to watch young hotshot player Eric “The Kid” Stoner take on the bigger poker players and risk it all in one game.

21 (2008)

Have you heard the story of MIT’s successful blackjack team? If not, you’re likely not a part of the gambling community, as this story has become a legend in that circle. This film follows the true story of a group of talented MIT students who attempt to beat the house to win millions of dollars.

They believe they had fool-proof card counting techniques that would ensure they would win big with no issues. Of course, this is a film, and there’s a reason it’s a drama. Plenty of twists and turns will make it a gripping watch. This is another side of the gambling world that is intriguing to watch and can give you context on how non-gamblers approached the casino world, and their story of the success and failures that they experienced


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