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Top 10 Video Games that Changed Storytelling

A great story can take a video game a long way. You see, games are more than simply games. It is odd phrasing, but it is the reality. They are intended to enrapture, capture, pull in players and audience through three strategies: gameplay, visuals, and narrative.

The narrative is what drives most games. Games can have tales of villains, stories of heroes, and personable narratives that hit so deep. You will explore many different extraordinary storylines out there, and this list only scratches the surface of some of the best video game stories.

Keep in mind that the world of video games is continuously changing with next-generation consoles, and those all-important narrative campaigns are constantly grabbing audiences’ attention.

You will find a few niche and well-known titles that definitely cannot be left out of the discussion surrounding the best interactive stories in games. That’s especially true when such projects were able to marry the story into the gameplay very well.

1. Gears of War 5

This game’s story was one of the major hits in 2019, and for many good reasons. The game scored excellent reviews from critics, who praised it for its solid narrative writing and action-packed gameplay, which is seen as some of the best in the series. The campaign can also be played with at least three players, allowing them to dive into this exciting campaign cooperatively.

2. Final Fantasy X

You will find many great Final Fantasy games throughout the years. Still, not most of their stories are as charming and fascinating as the one in Final Fantasy X. It has a bit of everything from a son’s never-ending scuffle to earn his aloof father’s approval to an ill-fated romance.

Each of the party members in this PC game provides something substantial to the narrative of the game. They are complicated, and the storytelling methods utilized to convey their story were groundbreaking for the era.

3. The Walking Dead

Thanks to the simplicity of its gameplay, most emphasis is placed on the interactive storytelling in the Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Series. Fortunately, the overarching narrative is more than capable of bringing the titles on its backs, with a big thanks to the pure strength of its main characters.

Gamers also shape the narrative with their player’s choices, and others will have consequences further down the road.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third instalment of the famous game and book series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is one of the most iconic and the best medieval fantasy RPGs to have come out in the past decade. The player should navigate the massive open world as Geralt, hot on the trail of Yennefer.

While the story unfolds, a series of journeys, challenging boss fights, and different secondary storylines help create a diverse and rich world that any player craving story and lore would be happy to jump headfirst into.

5. Dragon Age: Origins

When we talk about a story, no one can touch the tale that this game created. Since then, the game changed the landscape of games back in 2009 and has set the highest standard for player choice.

One might be attracted to dismiss yet another Tolkein-style clone. However, it is evident from the first few minutes of playing that BioWare was re-making such familiar themes with unmatched creativity. A good story could be replaced in many different meaningful ways. How amazing is that?

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Some of the best films and movies have Westerns deal with the death of the Old West, and this game strikes gold in exploring that topic. Despite being an action-packed game, the beautiful video game world and its rich details make the setting for the best stories, which are bound to leave no one cold.

Many players step into the shoes of Arthur Morgan, working for the Van der Linde gang together with John Marston. His entire life is guided by different journeys, sometimes putting him against outside forces like other gangs.

Similarly, the player has complete control over the dialogue choices of Arthur, which makes this game so unique when it comes to the story.

7. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

This is one of those story-driven games that is the best for main character creation and development. But characters aside, the story tells an unbelievable accomplishment: a journey to save the whole universe that never misses the forest for trees.

Every entry of the three entries in the trilogy would surely qualify as a top ten contender. However, when BioWare combined them all and released them in a single game, is one of the best decisions. The plot is so rich that players will often abandon ideal squad combinations to hear their friends comment as they rescue whole civilizations from death. 

8. Persona 5: Royal

When it comes to meshing styles together, developers of this video game have combined the life simulator and RPG to unique genres. That’s a long and intense story of a game, along with one hundred hours of story content for you to experience. Not a single hour of that could be accused of being filler.

9. Detroit: Become Human

This game saw its PC release after becoming a PlayStation 4 exclusive for some time. It was a massive addition to the ranks of games with solid storylines where the player could actively impact the game by making certain choices.

The entire game tells and brings players to the future, where androids serve every whim of humanity. Nonetheless, under the surface, androids are rising to safeguard their rights and fight against their masters.

10. The Last of Us

It is one of those adventure games wherein the mechanics and design are linearly intended around survival. You move from one location to another, preventing or killing zombie-like enemies, burgling to find materials, creating weapons, and just getting from A to B in a single piece.

Without its excellent story, this game wouldn’t be the milestone gamers deem it to be today. The entire video game put paid to the statement that a game’s narrative could drive its plot when its gameplay experience has lots of tricks up its sleeve.

Final Thoughts

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