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Becoming A Queen – Watch the trailer for the new documentary

An intimate portrait of one woman’s quest to become Queen of Caribbean Carnival for an unprecedented tenth time in her final competition, award-winning documentary BECOMING A QUEEN premieres on digital this June from Gravitas Ventures.

Through Joella Crichton’s lens we explore expressions of identity, love and family through Caribbean artistry, against a larger society that often lacks understanding of its significance.

Joella aims to win for a historic tenth time in Caribbean Carnival’s Queen Competition, in her final year. A tenth win would forever solidify her legacy in the Caribbean-Canadian community. Joella hopes to leverage this legacy to be viewed as an ambassador for Caribbean Carnival, educating youth and the larger society on its significance so that the vibrant event is seen as the fine art that it truly is.

BECOMING A QUEEN takes us inside Toronto’s world-famous Carnival, an annual celebration of Caribbean pride and identity in this ultra-multicultural city. Among the biggest events of its kind in the world, Toronto’s Carnival draws participants and tourists from across the Caribbean, Europe, and all over North America. This immensely enjoyable and insightful film invites viewers to experience Carnival through the eyes of Joella and her tightknit team. It’s the celebration of the year, suffused with meaning and significance. And at its centre is the King and Queen competition that Joella has been preparing for. This is where the real artistry of Carnival is.

From award-winning filmmaker Chris Strikes, BECOMING A QUEEN is available on digital June 14 in the U.S and June 19 in Canada.

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