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Trend Setting Movie Weddings to Remember

The year 2022 is a boom year for the wedding industry, with couples rushing to the altar after having had to postpone their Big Day owing to the pandemic. When it comes to choices for venues, attire, and wedding styles, influencers like wedding blogger, Emily Newman; bridal wear designer, Kate Halfpenny; and wedding planner, Jill La are setting new trends. However, for some brides and grooms to be, the ultimate wedding inspiration comes from the silver screen. From Ariel and Eric’s animated wedding in The Little Mermaid right through to Toula and Ian’s incredibly romantic day in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, there is something about the silver screen that make romantic stories seem larger-than-life. We bring you three of the most special weddings to grace the world of film.

Kimmy and Michael’s Wedding in My Best Friend’s Wedding

Fans of Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney will probably always recall this film as the ultimate “the one that got away” story. If you watched the film, then you know that the protagonist, Julianne, spends two-third of the film trying to ruin her best friend’s wedding because she realizes (all too late) that she is in love with him. What makes this film so heartbreaking is the fact that its star loses “the one” and has to watch him marrying someone who clearly is not his perfect match. Still, the film has two unforgettable scenes that take place at the wedding itself. One is where Julianne gets up and admits all the shenanigans she engaged in, in order to break up the happy couple. The second is the scene where, sitting at a reception table alone and bored, Julianne is surprised by her “real best friend,” played by Rupert Everett. Just when you think the movie will end on a sad note, her friend whisks her off, they enjoy a glamorous dance, and he tells her, “Maybe there won’t be marriage. Maybe there won’t be sex. But by God, there’ll be dancing.”

Bella and Edward’s Wedding in Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part One

When it comes to inspiration for outdoor weddings, Bella and Edward’s forest celebration has got to be at the top of the list. This wedding had it all—a pair of star-crossed lovers, a ceremony beneath an arch of wild flowers, and a wedding ring that set a trend. The ring had a classic oval shape and a vintage design. Instead of featuring a solitary rock, however, it had rows of glittering round stones. The design sparked an interest in vintage, pavé and white gold/silver styles. It also highlighted the value of bespoke designs that perfectly matched the wearer’s personality and style. Bella’s dress also caused big waves in wedding fashion. It featured long, lace-edged sleeves, an illusion back, and buttons extending from the top of the dress to its train.

Sophie and Sky’s Wedding in Mamma Mia

Wedding experts say that ‘togetherness’ is one of the season’s biggest trends and when it comes to a true celebration of family and friendship, the musical/film really takes the cake. Sophie and Sky get married at a wedding extravaganza that features singing from a wide range of stars ranging from Meryl Streep to Pierce Brosnan, and the diva of all divas herself—Cher! The setting is also perfect. The couple tie the knot on a pristine Greek island, whose sparkling waters and soft sand make the perfect backdrop to so many romantic scenes.

Wedding season is in full swing, so if you have been invited to a reception, get in a romantic mood by catching a few of the best wedding films of all time. My Best Friend’s Wedding, Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part One, and Mamma Mia are just three films that celebrate the fun and romance of weddings. They also provide great inspiration for wedding fashion and jewelry, for brides, grooms, and wedding guests alike.


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