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Deinfluencer – Watch the trailer for the new indie horror movie

Black Mandala is bringing us Deinfluencer, directed by Jamie Bailey. A prison, a masked psychopath who thinks he is God, and an influential cheerleader who must face challenges to survive. NERVE meets THE STRANGERS in this oppressive psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.

Kelly wakes up to every young girl’s nightmare. She is being held hostage by a masked kidnapper and needs to complete a series of social media challenges to ensure her safety. Things get more complicated when Kelly has to fight not only for her life, but also for the lives of other young women she is holding hostage with. But the masked kidnapper has a hidden agenda for her.

The film stars Simon Phillips (Bruce Willis’ partner in Survive the Game), Marie Luciani-GrimaldiCaylin Turner and Anne-Carolyne Binette.

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