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Father of Flies – Watch Camilla Rutherford and Nicholas Tucci in the trailer for the new psychological horror movie

Having sated horror fans and critics thirst for creepy chills on its UK premiere at Grimmfest now Father of Flies – a tightly paced, beautifully constructed, and terrifyingly disorientating psychological horror – from director Ben Charles Edwards (A Bird Flew In, Quant), is set for its general release on digital from 101 Films on 11 April.

The haunting and atmospheric feature is dedicated to the late Nicholas Tucci (You’re Next, Myth), who gives a compassionate and complex performance as the lead, in one of his final film roles. This nightmarish film is an emotionally charged entrancing journey that oozes with tension and shocks.

Having broken up with his wife who is struggling with a mental health illness (Sandra Andreis – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Only You Only Me), newly single dad, Richard (Tucci) invites his new partner Coral (Camilla Rutherford – The Darjeeling Limited, Gosford Park) to live with him and his children in their remote house, in the snow-covered mountains.

With the sudden departure of their mother, the children are unhappy and unsettled with the new set up – rebellious teen Donna (Page Ruth – Shameless, For Your Consideration) is suspicious of the new woman in their lives and is rarely home, while vulnerable and hearing-impaired Matthew (Keaton Tetlow – Mother, Eddie, Milo and the Box) is forced to share this bleak and lonely space with the strange newcomer – who sports a disturbing plastic massaging mask and is distant and disinterested in her inherited family.

As the hostility grows and claustrophobia sets-in, the tension reaches boiling point and the family is confronted by an ominous presence, a dark, deadly malevolence… what is this terrifying supernatural force and what does it want?

This evocative tale is unrelentingly suspenseful, eerie, and sinister, packed with frights and anxiety-filled terror.

Father of Flies – Sales Trailer from 101 FILMS on Vimeo.

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