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Cool Short: Blink

After being violently pushed from a window, Mary wakes up in the hospital, almost completely paralyzed. Trapped inside the prison of her own body, Mary’s only way to communicate is by blinking her eyes. She tries to warn the nurse that a sinister, inhuman force is trying to kill her. But when strange things begin happening around her, she realizes it may be too late to stop it.

Blink is the first short film to come out of Screen Gems (Sony Pictures’ genre label) and Ground Control’s horror film lab “Scream Gems.” “Scream Gems” focuses on the development and production of horror genre proof-of-concepts and aims to collaborate with up-and-coming filmmakers to produce horror shorts with the primary goal of developing new, original content into feature films.

Directed by Spenser Cohen.

Written by Spenser Cohen & Anna Halberg.

Produced by Scott Glassgold & Anna Halberg

Alicia Coppola
Scot Nery
Sophie Thatcher

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