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Netflix Gaming: What Can We Expect?

Netflix has proven that they can dominate in terms of both the big and small screens, and their next move is to turn to the world of gaming. What could we expect from the media giant in terms of gaming? Let’s take a look.

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How Will It Work?

Netflix has already launched a few mobile titles that can be tried out when logging onto the app on a mobile device. These games are targeted around some of the platform’s most popular offerings, such as Stranger Things. Once you have selected one of these games, you can download it and start to play.

The cost of playing the game is currently built into a standard Netflix subscription, and this is something that is likely to continue in the future. This could be something similar to what we see from other gaming subscriptions such as the Xbox Game Pass. Either it will remain a cost for everyone, or it could be an optional addition as more titles are added to the platform. Both could be a perfectly viable option regardless of whether they want to stay with the little mobile titles they currently have or expand their offers to something more typical with what we see in the major market.

Partners Galore in Gaming

Of course, one should always look to some of the partners that Netflix could work with for this project as it is doubtful that they will handle everything in-house. From this, we can establish several clues.

Firstly, there is a chance that they could partner with a major competitor like PlayStation. It is not uncommon to see such partnerships across the gaming world, from that of GGPoker ( and the WSOP to that of FromSoft and Sony. A partnership with a big company would help Netflix create a game that is loved by fans from launch date.

The other place to look is in the people Netflix is hiring. They have extended their contract with Shonda Rhimes, the producer of the incredibly popular Bridgerton on Netflix and countless other titles, and this includes the potential to develop the stories for games. They have also hired Mike Verdu who has worked for both Electronic Arts and Facebook in the past. With these two creatives working with the streaming giant, it could result in some very interesting gaming projects emerging.

Possible Announcements

Netflix has only teased things here and there rather than come out with a full and proper announcement as to what their gaming could resemble. It is likely that, if we are to find out anything, it will be via one of the big gaming conferences of the year.

This is the best place for them to really make an impact. Two of the biggest are the Games Developers Conference (GDC) and E3. Choosing to launch at either of these would seriously make an impact in the industry as a whole, and would definitely send a message to major competitors like PlayStation and Xbox if an agreement has not yet been made.

It will be interesting to see the direction that Netflix takes in the future when it comes to their gaming goals. They do have the potential to develop a major gaming platform similar to what we see from Steam or Origin, but it is going to take time to create a good library of titles and build that crucial audience of gamers. It will be very interesting to see any announcements in the future from the giant regarding this area of their activities. Who knows, Netflix Gaming could be massive in just a few short years.



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