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How Has Battle Royale Changed Gaming?

Gaming has undergone many evolutions since the industry first launched. In the 90s, the idea of playing games remotely with friends wasn’t new, but it was incredibly difficult for game companies to implement in a way that was easy to access for casual gamers. This changed in the 2000s when video game consoles started to be produced with internet capabilities built into the hardware itself. As a result, online gaming was born and the industry was forever changed. People must only look at the popularity of multiplayer games today to get an idea of this.

Of course, the gaming industry has technology to thank for the advances that it has seen, and the industry is intrinsically tied to the development of technology. This is also true for other industries in entertainment, such as gambling. Developing technology has allowed for the rise of online gambling sites, where people can access their favourite activities all without leaving the home. The convenience that these sites offer should be clear and this resource can be used to research the best sites to visit.

If online gaming transformed the gambling landscape itself, then it can also be said that the battle royale genre changed the landscape of online gaming. Before games like Fortnite and PUBG, competitive multiplayer games were usually round-based, with two teams battling it out to win. However, battle royale mixed things up in the sense that round-based gameplay was removed, and the objective was to become the sole survivor in a whole lobby of people. While the concept wasn’t exactly new, there is no doubt that the aforementioned PUBG and Fortnite were some of the first examples to really popularise the genre.

There is no doubt that battle royales have also helped to introduce new players into competitive games too. In the past, players would already have to be at a great skill level to have a chance in some of these games. In battle royales, there are many different ways to play and casual gamers stand a chance of winning them if they play it right. In this way, battle royales are very accessible, but this goes further in the sense that they are mostly free to play. Games like Fortnite, Warzone and Apex Legends are all battle royales that are free to play, and this means that groups of friends can play with each other at no extra cost other than the gaming device.

The reason why so many people play battle royale games now is because they are simply convenient for most players. People do not need to pay for the game or a membership to play, they can simply group up with friends and drop into a lobby. Battle royales also helped popularise crossplay, a feature in gaming where players can play with each other across different devices. From this, it should be evidently clear to see how the battle royale genre changed the gaming industry for good,

Battle royales are at the height of popularity right now, and these kinds of games will likely continue to be developed for as long as people are in love with them.


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