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In The Court of the Crimson King – Watch the trailer for the new King Crimson documentary

Check out the trailer for the long-awaited documentary In The Court of the Crimson King by Toby Amies. An official selection for the 2022 SXSW film festival, with a world premiere in Austin in March.

What began as a traditional documentary about the legendary band King Crimson as it turned 50, mutated into an exploration of time, death, family, and the transcendent power of music to change lives; but with jokes.

In the Court of the Crimson King is a dark, comic film for anyone who wonders whether it is worth sacrificing everything for just a single moment of transcendence. It explores the unique creative environment of King Crimson, one in which freedom and responsibility conspire to place extraordinary demands on the band’s members – only alleviated by the applause of an audience whose adoration threatens to make their lives even harder. It’s a rewarding and perilous space in which the extraordinary is possible, nothing is certain, and not everyone survives intact.

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