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La Soga Salvation – Watch the trailer for the new crime thriller

Written and directed by Manny Perez (Pride & Glory, Homeland) who stars alongside Chris McGarry (Lucifer), Juan Fernandez (The Collector), Hada Vanessa (La Bruja) and Sarah Jorge Leon (La Siete Muertes).

Years after his last hit as a skilled and sought-after hitman under the alias La Soga, Luisito (Perez) has finally settled down with his girlfriend Lía (Sarah Jorge Leon) in a quiet seaside town. Unfortunately, his past isn’t done with him. When criminal contractor Jimmy Mac (Chris McGarry) finds himself in need of a skilled hitman to take out a powerful Dominican drug lord, he can think of no better man for the job than La Soga. Jimmy kidnaps Lía, leaving Luisito with no other choice than to re-enter the criminal underworld and take on a crew of dangerous killers, including a particularly mysterious assassin, Dani (Hada Vanessa), who has long awaited the chance to even the score with her rival, La Soga.

Available In US cinemas & On Demand January 28th.

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