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Our List of Top British Gambling Movies

Despite Hollywood dominating Casino-themed movies, there are some notable British films that don’t shy away from the topic. These films have made their way into the hearts of the international audience, and with that, we bring you the list of top British gambling movies. Whether you watch gambling movies for fun or learning, you’ll find that the tea-loving country has a library full of classic gambling movies for audiences of all types. 

However, we have narrowed down the list, so you don’t have to try every movie in hopes of finding “the one.” With that said, let’s see some of Britain’s best casino movies that influence the country’s gambling habits


The gloomy British movie directed by Mike Hodges stars Clive Owen playing the character of Jack Manfred, an upcoming author who starts working as a Croupier. Jack narrates his story throughout the film as if he is writing it, which adds a good touch. In Croupier, you’ll get to see the world of gambling from the dealer’s perspective, which is a fresh take and makes this film worth watching.  

Casino Royale 

The entry in the classic James Bond franchise goes into the world of gambling. In Casino Royale, we find our hero James Bond following the banker to terrorists, Le Chiffre, and this chase leads him into a high stakes gambling tournament. Bond enters the tournament with a $10 million buy-in, but he ends gambling with more than just money. The film does a great job of capturing the poker games, making them thrilling, and will have you ready to hit the poker table. A fair bit of warning: Don’t expect to make a living out of gambling after watching this movie because less than 3% of people can manage it. 

Funny Man 

This British horror-comedy film shows the dark side of gambling through a story about greed and consequences. A record producer wins a house in a card game, leading him and his family into the jaws of a demonic jester hellbent on murder and manipulation. The film is equal parts funny and gory, and fans of characters that break the fourth wall like Freddy Kruger and Deadpool will enjoy this film.


Jason Statham of Transporter and Fast and the Furious fame stars in this movie about revenge and ego. He plays the character of Jake Green, an ex-con who just got paroled. As a successful gambler in the past, Jake Green takes to slot games, poker, and table games to build enormous stacks of money – only to serve his hunger for revenge. 

Final Verdict 

After spending hours of research and watching all sorts of gambling movies, we came across our list of top 4 that we have shared above. These movies will have you dreaming of a life you can’t have if you are stuck in a 9 to 5 job. Seemingly, 1.4 million people turned to gambling in 2020 to hit the jackpot but only to face disappointment. These movies will have you knocking on the doors of Casino and raising the stakes on your favourite casino game. But let movies be movies and stick to reality because this world is only for those who know how to gamble and win.


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