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New Stars in Cinematography

Cinematography is an art that gives life to movies. From the lighting to the integration of special effects, the cinematographer is in charge of making the scene burst with emotion and life.

Despite the pandemic, the world is still capable of producing films, and cinematographers are hard at work. Today, we will look at the rising stars of cinematography in the modern age, along with their accomplishments.


Christopher Aoun

Christopher grew up in Beirut and spent most of his life working in Germany. He wanted to leave his home city at the early age of 14 because of the political difficulties and complexities with the surrounding nations. His escape was photography. He loved films and photographs that would take him to another place.

His journey to cinematography began at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. He spent one year in that school and then transferred to the University of Television and Film in Munich.

One of his best works is Shadows of the Desert. He spent roughly three years in India. His goal was to capture imagery of women whose husbands deserted them.


Eric Branco

At the young age of 8 or 9, Eric started taking acting classes. He did not want to act, but he wanted to feel a connection with how films are made. However, as a child, the only outlet available to him was acting, as there was no school for cinematography for kids.

Eric is from the United States. To be specific, he is from The Bronx in New York. He attended the School of Visual Arts. He majored in both directing and cinematography for a year and a half. After that, he pursued his career.

One of his best works is Clemency. It won the 2019 Grand Jury Prize for a dramatic feature. He won this award at the Sundance Festival. The film was released a year later.


Laura Merians Gonçalves

Laura loves challenges, and she also said that she loves working with people who challenge her. She is no newbie to photography, as she grew up in a family of photographers. They always took photographs, and she grew up in an environment where images were looked upon as art.

She studied at the University of California and took classes for philosophy. She took the time to experiment with lighting and electricity. Her first foray into filmmaking was for the 2001 feature film, Bully. Later, she joined some unions and started making commercials and music videos.

She is best known for her work with Darren Aronofsky, Pacified. The film is a take on drama, and it is the movie by which she won the Golden Seashell for Best Film.

Merians is the first woman in the history of the festival to win this kind of award.  This award was conferred at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. She also won the Jury Prize for Best Cinematography.


Cybel Martin

Cybel stepped into the world of photography at an early age. Her parents had an advertising agency, and the discussion of movies was not unusual in their household.

She graduated from New York University, taking film programs with MFA. She shot several indies and documentaries. Today, she is the cinematographer on a TV drama series All Rise.

Martin also has a major in communications at the University of Pennsylvania. She also took an undergraduate study in film theory. To Martin, the choice of lens and camera is not just about technical capability. The selection will embody what emotions the cameras will express.

She has worked with shows like The Rookie and is currently wrapping up the shoot for a movie called Black as Night. The film was shot in New Orleans and was produced by Blumhouse. The movie is about a girl with self-esteem issues. It is a vampire movie set in New Orleans.



The cinematographer is the Director of photography. This person is in charge of the lighting, angle, and even the overall mood of the film. The cinematographer works closely with the Director, and many movie audiences fail to appreciate the cinematographer’s role.

Although they are not graphic artists like those who make casino games that you find in Vulkan Vegas, they are ultimately responsible for making the film for what it is. As such, they are the ones that take the Director’s vision to life.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay


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