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Four Films about Love Challenges

Life tests the strength of a relationship in a couple in a variety of ways. Here we have four movie stories about men and women, whose unions can hardly be called harmonious, but love helps them overcome serious obstacles — betrayal, routine, divorce — and still stay together.

Mon Roi, Maïwenn Le Besco, 2015

Cast: Emmanuelle Bercot, Vincent Cassel

What is the plot? The movie shows seven years of family scandals, showdowns, resentment, and unwillingness to forgive. A psychologically accurate drama of two loving people, mature and successful, who never manage to be completely together: they bring misfortune to each other, and they are unhappy without each other.

Why watch? To find out in the frightening authenticity of the story of the relationship of friends and acquaintances, and possibly your own. Reflect on the role gender stereotypes play in your relationships with Russian brides and family and what you are (not) willing to forgive your partner.

Revolutionary Road, Samuel Alexander Mendes, 2008

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

What is the plot? The film tells about the deep disappointment experienced by young spouses who settled with two children in a small American town. They dream of a free, exciting, and fulfilling life, but they are unable to escape from the web of patriarchal reality. This is a view of the routine of marriage deprived of illusions.

Why watch? To think about the reasons for your irritation and even anger that this deeply true story can cause. Ask yourself: what prevents you personally from being creatively realized and changing what does not suit you in any way?

The Danish Girl, Tom Hooper, 2015

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander

What is the plot? It tells about the life story of the Danish artist Einar Wegener, who once felt like a woman, Lily, and decided on a transgender transition. And even more — about the relationship between husband and wife, crossing the boundaries of sex, about love, which is higher than sexuality. About the strength and courage of a woman who understands that she has lost her man forever, but does everything to help and support Lily.

Why watch? To make sure that love between people can overcome not only gender but also the canons of its time.

It’s Complicated, Nancy Meyers, 2009

Cast: Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin

What is the plot? The movie shows that sometimes spouses need to divorce to look at each other from the outside, to overestimate their relationship, and… fall in love again. And that the mature age and troubles of adult children are not yet a reason to be unhappy and refuse life changes.

Why watch? First, to laugh (because it’s actually a comedy). And then think: has your partner stopped paying attention to you? Or, perhaps, you yourself are sure that you know this boring person far and wide? Is it worth being on the edge of divorce to feel like lovers again?


Close relationships with significant people are essential to our physical and psychological well-being. And if living together extinguishes feelings and it seems that everything is bad, it is worth thinking about solving the situation and understanding what circumstances we can change and what rules of communication to introduce to give each other more space.



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