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Cool Art: They Live and An American Werewolf In London

Check out these gorgeous new posters for They Live and An American Werewolf In London. Here is what Florey and Raid71 had to say about their work.

John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ is a truly unique film. It feels like nothing else. The film definitely has something to say, but the decision to say it with Roddy Piper, magic sunglasses, and a 45 minute fight scene is genius. In the film ‘They’ are depicted as being the business elite, the upper-class, the 1% running the show while us humans carry on completely oblivious to their control. It seemed like a perfect fit to capture that vibe by aping 80s business fashion adverts. Carpenter has a knack for making films that are supremely entertaining. He’s one of the greats. For those that celebrate his back catalogue like I do, check out the book titles on the shelf for some fun references.


I vividly remember watching American Werewolf in London, I was 11 at the time, I didn’t sleep for the rest of the week, convinced a werewolf would crash through my window (despite the lack of full moon), so thank you Rick Baker, you deserved that Oscar. I still can’t travel on the London Underground without thinking of this film, it was a pleasure to be asked by Vice Press to work on this poster.

Chris Thornley/ Raid71

They Live by Florey and An American Werewolf in London by Raid71 will be available from on Tuesday the 30th of November at 6pm GMT (UK time) / 1pm EST (US Time) and ship worldwide.

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