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Top 5 Actors in Contention For James Bond Post Daniel Craig’s Exit

As the sixth actor to portray UK’s most cherished MI6 agent, Daniel Craig has officially announced goodbye to his James Bond days. After completing the shooting work of the 2021 James Bond thriller film, No Time to Die, he made the statement.

The journey of this celebrated character, spanning across 60 years, started in the 1962 Sean Connery film Dr. No. Post Connery, this role was taken up by George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and the latest being Daniel Craig. Twenty-five films of pure fan following and adulation, undeniably a coveted fictional role in world cinema.

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As far as the trending debates on the next Bond actor are concerned, there are talks about diversifying the role by casting a non-white actor and a female Bond as well. Let’s glance upon a list of probable successors of Daniel Craig for the coveted 007 roles.

Idris Elba

His fans have been requesting him to take up the Bond role right from 2014. The 49-year-old star Tweeted that he felt happy knowing that the fans thought he was a good fit for the role. In 2018, he joyfully stroked the flames again with his Tweet, “My name is Elba. Idris Elba”. The selfie with Craig in 2019 of them having a friendly conversation has increased the rumors among the fans. As an anti-climax, he shut down all existing rumors during an interview with ITV, where he mentioned that he was not going to be the next Bond. Let’s wait and watch how things turn out to be for Idris.

Henry Cavill

The DC superhero universe fans have wholeheartedly accepted him as the son of Krypton, Superman over the past few years. He has made it public that if the Bond moviemakers were to discuss taking up the role, he would keenly explore it further. Cavill is interested in joining the Bond franchise as reported by However, his schedule is tightly packed with a number of other iconic roles, including the Mission Impossible series. Furthermore, he said he is also open to the idea of being a Bond villain.

Rege Jean Page

With the existing discussions regarding his presence in Season 2 of Bridgerton, Page, 31 is another name that popped up among the Bond fan base. When asked about how he feels about the rumors going on, his reaction was that of surprise and excitement, although there are no apparent signs of confirmation. The son of a Zimbabwean nurse and an English preacher father, Page made a formidable presence in the Saturday acting school in London. This, in turn, led him to the National Youth Theatre and laid a solid base for his film career.

Sam Heughan

The Outlander star had auditioned for the Bond role in the 2006 film Casino Royale. He has revealed in podcasts about giving trails for the part. However, the Island at War star has mixed emotions at present regarding taking up this iconic character. The 41-year-old said that this is the right age for taking up the role of the world’s most famous MI6 agent. He feels he is now capable enough to take part and will be excited if the opportunity comes knocking at his door any time soon.

Tom Hiddleston

After nailing the mischievous role of Loki in the MCU series, the Avengers star has had discussions regarding his suitability for the Bond portrayal right from 2017. He spoke to the Empire magazine on the subject, but he deflected the rumors with a diplomatic reply, “What can I say that you don’t already know?”


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