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Netflix and Riot Games announce second season of Arcane

Yesterday at a global fan event, Netflix and Riot Games confirmed a second season of hit animated event series Arcane.

The first season was fantastic so I am glad a second season will be going ahead.

Set in the past relative to the League of Legends universe, Arcane serves as a prequel to the game and retells the origin stories of several characters from Piltover and Zaun.

Amidst the escalating unrest between the posh, utopian city of Piltover and the squalid, repressed underbelly of Zaun, sisters Vi and Jinx find themselves on opposing sides of a war over twisted ideologies and arcane technology

“We’re beyond happy about the positive response to Arcane’s first season and are working hard with the creative wizards at Riot and Fortiche to deliver our second installment,” said Arcane co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee.

Hailee Steinfeld (Vi), Ella Purnell (Jinx) and Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman) will reprise their voice roles. The rest is under wraps!

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