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Watch Lorenza Izzo and Simu Liu in the trailer for Lissette Feliciano’s Women Is Losers

Set in 1960s San Francisco, the plot centers on a once-promising Catholic schoolgirl (Izzo) who sets out to rise above the oppression of poverty and invest in a future for herself that sets new precedents for the time. The film is inspired by real women and the Janis Joplin song of the same title.

Written, directed & produced by Lissette Feliciano, the film stars Lorenza Izzo, Simu Liu, Bryan Craig, Chrissie Fit, Steven Bauer, Liza Weil, Cranston Johnson, Alessandra Torresani, Shalim Ortiz, and Lincoln Bonilla.

The film is streaming exclusively on HBO Max on October 18th.

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