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Will Poulter will be Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

During the end credit scenes for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 we saw Elizabeth Debicki’s character, Ayesha, had a strange-looking pod that contains someone who wiwould destroy the Guardians.

For those of us who read the comic books, we knew Adam Warlock was on the way and Deadline has the news that Will Poulter (The Revenant, Detroit) has been cast in the role for the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The character has gone through various incarnations during his comic book years, which began way back in 1967’s Fantastic Four #66. He has been both good and bad, but extremely powerful everytime he is reborn.

There is no word on the plot as yet, but it will be great to see Adam Warlock on the big screen. Poulter is a great actor so I can see him doing great things in the role.

James Gunn is returning to direct, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige producing. Gunn also confirmed the news on Twitter.

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