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Watch Peter Dinklage in the trailer for Joe Wright’s Cyrano

Cyrano is a 2021 musical drama film directed by Joe Wright (Atonement) and written by Erica Schmidt, based on Schmidt’s 2018 stage musical of the same name, itself based on the 1897 Edmond Rostand play Cyrano de Bergerac. The film stars Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Bashir Salahuddin, and Ben Mendelsohn.

Cyrano centers on a love triangle between a French Army officer named Cyrano, a beautiful woman named Roxanne, and a handsome new cadet named Christian. Cyrano is deeply in love with Roxanne, but, because of his physical appearance, assumes she would never love him back. So when she confides in him that she is in love with Christian, Cyrano, an accomplished wordsmith, helps Christian woo her by writing letters for him to send to her.

I’ve always enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing Dinklage in the title role. Although Steve Martin in Roxanne is still my favourite adaptation of the tale.

Cyrano is scheduled to be released in the US on December 31, 2021, by United Artists Releasing.

Images: MGM/United Artists Releasing

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