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Movies That Were Transformed to Slot Titles

It’s no secret that game developers get inspiration from everywhere when it comes to making games. And the film industry has produced so many titles that it’s no surprise that some of them inspired games. This is true for the providers in the iGaming industry as well. They have created lots of slots and they will continue doing so.

So, it’s only natural for them to draw inspiration from certain movie titles. Online casinos aren’t complete without a couple of slots which is why they make up a bulk of the game selection. Players can enjoy such games and they can go from site to site comparing casino bonuses and game titles. The main thing about visiting such sites and enjoying their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

Without further ado, here are some of the movie slots that players can run into:


Stallone played the Italian-American boxer, the underdog going against the champ, and did a damn fine job because Rocky remains one of the best movies ever made. That’s why there’s a slot title with the same name. Playtech is the provider that got inspired and slot fans can enjoy a slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines thanks to this provider. Italian Stallion symbols take the role of Scatter symbols and combinations of them will give players free spins to play with. Also, players can enjoy a Knockout round where they can punch it out with any opponent they choose. Talk about bringing the fighting spirit of Rocky in the game.

Top Gun

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as flying a fighter jet which Tom Cruise proved in Top Gun. This is an 80s classic movie that any movie fan would recommend. It’s also got a killer song called Take My Breath Away which takes the movie to the next level. Since the thrill of the flight is a thing most players look for, slot fans can enjoy this in a slot of the same name.

Again, Playtech was responsible for transforming this classic movie into a slot title. Players will be able to enjoy the killer song and match symbols as they go. The characters are also included and players can also experience the Dogfight Wild during which your wingman will help players out with some extra Wild symbols.

Terminator 2

This is one of those action movies that you just can’t miss as it’s on every list. It’s not only a great action movie but it’s also one of the few great sequels in existence. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes the role of the titular Terminator sent back in time to protect John Connor.

The special effects were amazing for the time which is why the slot title has T-800 vision as a feature. Despite that, it has a free spins feature that comes with 1,024 ways to win. Short clips from Terminator 2 are parts of the slot gameplay which makes this the ultimate video slot experience. The provider behind this slot title is Microgaming and they have been known for producing lots of amazing slots.


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