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Hotel Poseidon – Watch the trailer for Stefan Lernous’ new indie surreal horror comedy film

A day in the life of reluctant hotel owner Dave – a man troubled by nightmares, his neighbor, his friends and love.

Dave’s existence is hopeless. His days and nights blend into each other as he wanders vacantly through the halls of the abandoned and dilapidated Hotel Poseidon, which he inherited from his deceased father.

When a young woman knocks on the hotel’s door looking for a room, while Dave’s best friend wants to throw a party in the backroom and a recurring dream haunts him, a surreal and grisly ordeal is set in motion.

Written and directed by Stefan Lernous, the film stars Ruth Becquart, Steve Geerts, Anneke Sluiters, Tine Van den Wyngaert, Dominique Van Malder, and Tom Vermeir.

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