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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Watch the new trailer for Alan Moore’s The Show

A frighteningly focused man of many talents, passports, and identities arrives at England’s broken heart, a haunted midlands town that has collapsed to a black hole of dreams, only to find that this new territory is at least as strange and dangerous as he is. Attempting to locate a certain person and a certain artifact for his insistent client, he finds himself sinking in a quicksand twilight world of dead Lotharios, comatose sleeping beauties, Voodoo gangsters, masked adventurers, unlikely 1930s private eyes, and violent chiaroscuro women …. and this is Northhampton when it’s still awake. Once the town closes its eyes there is another world entirely going on beneath the twitching lids, a world of glittering and sinister delirium much worse than any social or economic devastation. Welcome to the British nightmare, with its gorgeous flesh, its tinsel, and its luminous light-entertainment monsters; it’s hallucinatory austerity. Welcome to The Show.

Written by Alan Moore (Swamp Thing, Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and directed by Mitch Jenkins, it stars Tom Burke, Darrell D’Silva, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Babou Ceesay, Richard Dillane, Ellie Bamber, Christopher Fairbank, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Sheila Atim, Bradley John, and Alan Moore.

The Show will open in select theaters across the U.S. on August 26th for one night only, through Fathom Events.

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