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Chariot – Joseph Kosinski to direct adaptation of a Knight Rider-ish comic book

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick) is going to direct a film adaptation of the Chariot comic book by Bryan Edward Hill (American Carnage, Bitter Root), drawn by Priscilla Petraites (Rat Queens) and edited by AWA Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso.

It sounds like a Knight Rider kind of scenario as it features a supercar possessed by a secret agent!

The Chariot was a Cold War-era secret government project to provide its star agent with a weapon unlike any other in the form of a super-charged muscle car. It sank into the ocean decades ago, and the agent along with it. Now, a petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it in this synthwave thriller.

Deadline had the news and it is being written by Julian Meiojas. 21 Laps’ Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen are producing with Kosinski. AWA’s Zach Studin is the exec producer, and the project is the first for recently formed AWA Studios, the film and TV arm of the graphic fiction publisher.

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