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Captain Jack Sparrow is heading to the Sea of Thieves

During the past year, I have been playing more online games with friends as it has been a safe and easy way to meet up. Sea of Thieves has been incredible fun and, while it is mainly sailing around doing small treasure quests, one of my favourite aspects has been the Tall Tales.

These are longer missions that take you all over the map, following various clues and using all types of devices to find where you need to go. They’ve involved lots of laughter (and curses) while making us all feel as if we have been on a proper adventure.

It looks like Rare is continuing to build up their game and Season 3 will be with us on 22nd June. It will also be bringing Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) along for a new set of Tall Tales.

Split across five incredible Tall Tales packed with secrets and side-quests, Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life sees Captain Jack Sparrow sailing in from beyond the horizon to sweep players into an epic new adventure! Free Jack from his prison and witness the power of the world’s greatest Pirate Treasure, which he just so happens to have stolen, before joining him on an unforgettable quest to stop dark forces from dominating this pirate paradise. This lovingly crafted story will be available to play alone or with a crew, and will be a free update for all players with the arrival of Sea of Thieves: Season Three on June 22.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

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