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How To Get On With The Locals in Endor

Known as the Forest Moon of Endor, this enchanted world is most known for being the home of Ewoks. Although the short, furry creatures might look cute and friendly, there are probably some adaptations to be made if you want to be neighbours with them. Of course, Ewoks are not the only species that call Endor home, so if you want to get on with the locals you might want to consider how to make friends with them all.

Star Wars Sessions podcast expert Matt Hudson spoke with Betway casino about this recently and he said that if one was ever to live on Endor they “can get plenty of exercise, I’d imagine there’s nature trails, a lot of climbing, a lot of running through the forest. And there’s the notoriety of being the planet that the second Death Star blew up over.” You can see the full interview with Matt Hudson here.

Who Lives on Endor?

Several sentient species call Endor home including Yuzzums, Teeks, Gorphs and Duloks.

    • Yuzzums – These live in small groups on the plains of Endor’s moon. They like to spend their time hunting within the tall grass, mostly looking for Ruggers. Some of them have pet Rakazzak Beasts, who they have managed to tame enough to use to aid their hunting. They are quite old fashioned in their ways and generally use spears and forks for both protection and hunting.
      • Teeks – Probably one of the most intelligent species on Endor. They are most certainly the scavengers of the planet, often on the lookout for trinkets and other precious objects. They hoard these together, keen to keep them out of sight from outsiders. However, keen not to be known as thieves they tend to swap the items they take for something else they felt was worth the same in value – although the original owner of the item might well disagree.  Ewoks and Teeks do not always get on; although Teeks are generally harmless Ewoks do not appreciate their presence on Endor at all.
      • Gorphs – Led by their queen, Gorphs are a tribal society. The queen has the final say on all decision and will throw people into the dark hole known as “The Pit ” if she did not like them or disapproved of how they acted.
      • Dulok – Related to the Ewok, both species are able to easily communicate with one another. Ewoks do have respect for the Duloks in general, they will tell you that they are creatures that are best avoided. Duloks are one of the rarest species on Endor, so you may not find it easy to bump into one should you visit.
      • Ewoks – Last but certainly not least is the Ework, who call the Forest Moon of Endor home. They are one of the most civilised species on the planet and therefore live a nice life. They like to forage through the forest or go hunting when the weather is nice.


Making Friends With The Locals in Endor

If you wish to visit or move to Endor, then finding your own place in the hierarchy of the planet may be tough. One of the best things you can do is make friends with the Ewoks who certainly have a place near the top. It is probably best to avoid the Gorphs and of course, watch your belongings if you want to avoid them being snatched up by the Teeks.


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